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Berkey Engineering

provides a wide variety of civil and structural design services, producing more than 500 projects per year. The scope of our services varies from the structural design of small backyard sheds, residential remodeling and design of homes, swimming pools for hotels, apartments and residences, all sizes and types of pole buildings to the civil design of large university parking lots.

Berkey Engineering Staff 2013

We are based in the Tri-Cities, WA but are currently licensed in 8 states. Since Cliff Berkey is a private pilot, we can be anywhere in the western states within a few hours. This kind of easy mobility has, for example, allowed us to enjoy an excellent business relationship with the University of Utah for several years.


Berkey Engineering was originally founded as Berkey Engineering and Construction in 2003. In 2007 the construction side of the business was closed due to the growing size of the company’s engineering/design services market. Today Berkey Engineering provides a wide variety of civil and structural design services, employs seven people, and produces more than 500 projects per year.

Our Mission

Berkey Engineering is committed to providing competitive designs and services to best serve our clients. Berkey Engineering achieves this by focusing our efforts on the following principles:

1)      Speed – Berkey Engineering is unmatched in speed, as we strive to provide the fastest project turn-around times in the industry without compromising quality.

2)      Quality – Berkey Engineering is committed to public safety and owners property value.  Standard practices of Berkey Engineering ensure adequate and proper function without being overly conservative.  Our vast experience in multiple fields of construction provides intelligent designs that are relatively easy to build, but not overbuilt.

3)      Value - Berkey Engineering works towards Win-Win agreements. We are sensitive to the needs of our clients to minimize the cost of engineering services while allowing our committed staff to maintain a comfortable, but not exuberant, living. In other words, we believe in producing a higher quantity of jobs rather than overcharging on fewer jobs.


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