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Civil and Structural Engineering

Commercial Facilities – Berkey Engineering has designed numerous mixed-use structures and corresponding sites for compliance with structural, civil, lighting, fire, egress, and ADA regulations. These projects often involve structural design of buildings and retaining/gravity walls, layout of parking lots to include all ADA-required parking spaces and access routes, planning of utility placement (water, sewer, and electric), and design of the stormwater drainage systems to include infiltration and storage in detention ponds and catch basins.One particular project involved the comprehensive design of a 25-acre RV park. Design tasks included:

  • Site layout

  • Parking lot design

  • Site grading & drainage 

  • Balancing of cut-and-fill material. 

  • Coordination with other design professionals on the design and placement of Large On-site Sewage Systems (LOSS)

  • Pool and spa design

  • Structural design of all on-site buildings (bath-houses, storage facilities, assembly areas, and stores)



Institutional Facilities – Berkey Engineering has been involved with more than 25 projects for the University of Utah, the majority of which are designs for the construction or repair of infrastructures for vehicle and pedestrian access to campus facilities. These include civil, structural, lighting, storm water, fire egress, and ADA issues. In addition, projects have included new campus-wide way-finding signage, site-cast retaining walls, heated exterior concrete stairways, foundation water leak remediation and building demolition.

Industrial Applications – Berkey Engineering provides designs for chemical containment systems (petroleum products or farm chemicals). These consist of retaining walls and drainage slopes to contain hazardous liquid products in case of a spill. Structural Design Experience Pole Buildings – Berkey Engineering was originally founded to support pole building contractors, and pole building design still constitutes a significant portion of the company’s business. Having personally built several hundred and designed several 
thousand pole buildings, Mr. Berkey is an expert in the field. 

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